UU Innovation

UU Innovation

Besöksadress: UU Innovation, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 38, Uppsala Science Park, Uppsala
Telefon: 018 – 471 72 16

Innovations for a better world – this is how UU Innovation can help

At Uppsala University, researchers and students from all over the world gather to create solutions to global challenges for a brighter future.

With support from UU Innovation in the early phases, new ideas and research results have the best possible conditions to make an impact and be of use in society.

UU Innovation’s support is open to all students and researchers at Uppsala University, Dalarna University and at the University of Gävle. Our free support covers advice and coaching on early-stage idea development, patents and other intellectual property rights, agreements, building a strong network and team, and early-stage funding.

The only thing you need to get started is an idea or a research result you think could create impact. Together, we’ll explore and develop the potential to commercialise or in other ways transform your research into practice for the benefit of society. You don’t need to apply for our support.

UU Innovation’s support is tailor-made for you so you can continue your research or studies while developing your idea.

We work closely with regional partners, such as UU Invest AB, UIC - ranked by UBI Global as the World Top 5 Public Business Incubator, and Drivhuset Uppsala, that can help accelerate commercialisation and the development of new companies.

Welcome to start developing your idea together with UU Innovation!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Malin Graffner Nordberg
018-471 7216