Besöksadress: Uppsala Science Park, Dag Hammarskölds väg 38, Uppsala

The Foundation for collaboration between the universities of Uppsala, business and society

STUNS’ task is to develop the collaboration between the universities in Uppsala, the business community and public organizations. The goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of universities, companies and the public actors in Uppsala County and thereby stimulate the region's long-term economic growth. STUNS serves as a discussion forum and meeting place for the region's decision-makers, and supports and implements projects of common interest that do not naturally suit any of STUNS’ founders or that benefit from broad support.

STUNS’ efforts have a clear time limit, measurable goals and a defined resource allocation. In order to achieve good results, STUNS’ efforts are limited to a small number of projects with a high level of activity in the areas decided by the board. In addition to time-limited projects, STUNS continuously conducts external monitoring and other similar activities in support of STUNS’ operations and development.

STUNS’ operations are currently concentrated in four strategic focus areas:

  • Life science through the cluster organization Uppsala BIO.
  • Energy with test beds and business platforms for customer companies and technology suppliers in STUNS Energi.
  • Innovation and business with co-location of the innovation system's actors and the region's business incubator UIC.
  • Sustainable communities


Andreas Larsson
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