Besöksadress: Uppsala Slott, ingång A
Telefon: 018-18 18 18

Phosworks is a digital communications agency with in-house production that combines strategy with content, moving media, design and technology to create global business value for its customers. Customers include leading brands such as ATG, GE, Uppsala University, CSN, Fujifilm, Electronic Arts and the Church of Sweden. Phosworks has approximately 45 employees in Uppsala.

As a UIC partner, Phosworks will offer its services and knowledge to startups and growth companies within UIC's business development programs, and help them become even more competitive through strategic and efficient digital communications.

Phosworks services and products

  • Analysis, marketing and strategy services
  • Development of digital services
  • Production of marketing, training and information content
  • Film production, 2D & 3D animation / visualization
  • Web hosting as well as email and domain management

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Contact for UIC-companies:

Armel Grimault
+46 705 72 39 84

Mattias Sjölund
+46 702 56 25 99