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The UIC Team

Bertil Ahlqvist
Project Manager UIC Södertälje
Anna Bondeson
Business Development Advisor
Andy Browning
External Project Manager Life Science platform
Camilla Camilton
Finance & Administration Assistant
Michael Camitz
Project Manager
Lars Dahlbom
Program Manager UIC Business Startup
Peter Funning
Program Director & Program Manager UIC Business Build/Accelerator
Monica Hedberg
Project Director
Vedrana Ilic
Marketing Coordinator
Britt Sjölander
Finance & Administration Assistant
Niclas Stjernberg
Business Development Advisor
Stina Thor
Marketing & Communications Director

Find us

UIC (Uppsala Innovation Centre)
Uppsala Science Park
751 83 Uppsala, Sweden
Visit: Hubben, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 38 New address!


Norra Tullportsgatan 3
742 31 Östhammar, Sweden

UIC Södertälje
Acturum Biovation
Forskargatan 20 J
151 36 Södertälje, Sweden

Invoice address

Uppsala Innovation Centre AB
Customer-id PDC7296
105 69 Stockholm, Sweden
E-invoices to be sent in PDF to PDC0000@privatgirot.se

Our UIC Partners